Elan Sailing Yachts


 … Elan has been engaged in the production of marine orientated craft. This production began with the making of boats, kayaks, and canoes that were made out of waterproof wooden slabs.

In the following years, Elan temporarily redirected its manufacturing into the production of folding rubberized kayaks.

In 1962 Elan began manufacturing boats from reinforced polyester, the material that at that time meant a revolutionary world innovation in the construction of yachts.

The first yachts from the end of the 60's onwards were followed by the first small scale production of  One Design Yachts: Flying Junior, Racing Europe, S-430, S-425 and S-375. Keeping up with the production development, the Elan passed onto the bigger 6-metre yacht Flamingo in 1972.

In 1978 these beginnings were crowned by the 7.7-metre yacht, the Elan 707, which was designed by Elan's constructor Miha Pretnar. At this time it was regarded as a rather luxurious, spacious, but not a very fast yacht.

Two years later (in 1980) it was supplanted by the Elan Express that was designed by a Swedish designer Peter Norlin.

The next step was made three years later. In 1983 following the J&J design in cooperation with Niels Jeppsen the Elan 31 was made. At this time it was not only big and luxurious, but also proved itself invincible at a number of regattas in the Adriatic Sea. In 1984, under the leadership of the Slovene sailor Dusan Puh Elan 31 won the production boat prize at the Half Ton World Championship at Marstrand in Sweden.

With the Elan 31 the foundations for the present success in manufacturing bigger yachts at Begunje were laid.

Two years later a smaller Elan 19 was made. In 1987 the Elan 43, and then a modernized version of the 31, initially named the 33 and then the 331 were produced.  1990 saw the emergence of the Elan 431. In 1993 the Elan 38 was manufactured, which saw the end of co-operation with the Jakopin brothers (J&J).

It started with a period in which sailing boat production was based on the design of an acclaimed English constructor Rob Humphreys. First in line was Elan 295 introduced in 1994. The development continued with the Elan 36 in the next year and in 1998 with the Elan 333, and finally with Elan 362 in 1999.

… and today

At the turn of the millennium,  the Elan 45 was presented to the world. Following year our renewed performance 40 footer was launched. In 2002 we presented new Elan 31 - successful small performance cruiser, followed by Elan 37 in 2003. In 2004 Elan entered the cruising market with the new 43 footer - first yacht out of new cruising yacht range - Impression by Elan. The first in line was Impression 434. The new Impression range was enlarged in following year with smaller Impression 384. 10 meter in length  - Impression 344 won the prestigious European Yacht of the Year 2006 award.  The new cruisers impresses their owners with spacious interior and excellent seaworthiness. 2006 is the year of new Elan 340 which replaced the most successful Elan - Elan 333 and at the same time the biggest sailing yacht Elan yard has ever made was is launched  - the prestigious Impression 514.

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