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High-performance toys

For intense pleasure driving in the water

For people looking for intense fun and enjoyment in their lives, we build water sleds with the greatest thrill factor in the world. The SEABOB F5 and the SEABOB F5 S.

The outstanding features of the SEABOB F5 are its unanticipated agility in the water and the extremely low vehicle weight of only approximately 29 kg. The low weight of the SEABOB F5 makes for optimal handling properties.

The SEABOB F5 S is also a lightweight device tipping the scales at approximately 35 kg. It distinguishes itself by means of its strong driving performance and its irrepressible propulsion in the water.

Neither vehicle requires a driving licence and their electrical drive make them completely ecologically sound. High performance toys for intense fun in the water and emission free for zero impact on the environment.

The technology

A development with responsibility for the environment

The specially developed, high-performance electric-drive mechanism with its environmentally friendly technology is an exemplary innovation.

The motor is a high-torque synchronised drive unit featuring a microprocessor-controlled 3-phase sinus power management system. The application of cutting-edge technology enables this motor to achieve the ideal amount of torque with outstanding efficiency. All this, and yet the overall design remains very compact.

The power for the drive mechanism is provided by highly efficient lithium-manganese accumulators. These high-performance special accumulators are a top-class quality component in the propulsion concept of the SEABOB.


      NET PRICE   19 % VAT (Germany)   GROSS PRICE (Germany)
SEABOB F5   7,845.00 EUR 1,490.55 EUR 9,335.55 EUR
SEABOB F5 S   10,780.00 EUR 2,048.20 EUR 12,828.20 EUR

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A brand new AZ 66 was delivered earlier this month by BluePoint Yachting in Varazze Italy. Azimut 66 is model that raises the bar for excellence to the next level, and aims to become a new icon within it's category. The BluePoint Yachting Team wishes the client to enjoy his new yacht with his family and create memories that would last a lifetime.!!!